Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5976/1G – Forty Anniversary Limited Chronograph

Patek Philippe launched Ref. 5976 Fly back chronograph equipped with automatic winding movement, with18K platinum, which is to celebrate the forty anniversary of the second commemorative watch of Nautilus series. From the case and bracelet to buckle folding table, the details of this commemorative watch show the unique finishing techniques of Nautilus, such as the vertical Satin bezel collocation chamfered shiny, and alternating with matte matte and mirror polishing the chain link, all of which are finished by handwork.

The luxurious finishing process shows the noble qualities of 18K platinum, and highlights the unique charm of the deep blue dial. Thanks to a slightly larger size, this gent watches can be set aside more space for a date with a polished white gold border. The position of the coaxial cumulative chronoscope at 6 o’clock also has been enlarged to facilitate the user to read the results of the short time. The three coaxial scales include the outermost 12 hour cumulative timing scale, the most medial 31 to 60 minute cumulative chronograph scale, and the middle of the 1 to 30 minute cumulative time scale. Embedded stereo calibration, with flawless strip top Wesselton diamonds and princess cut diamonds, low-key embellishment on the dial edge, show the delicate and elegant demeanor. Dial with horizontal stripes central relief pattern unique to Nautilus, and half of the text on the anniversary of “1976 – 40 – 2016” is located on the upper part of the dial.

The chronography movement Caliber CH 28-520 made and developed by Patek Philippe uses the full weight of the 21K gold disc for automatic winding movement automatic center. The start / stop and automatic return / reset function of the timing device is controlled by the classic star wheel mechanism with a disc type vertical clutch which is responsible for the clutch operation of the chronograph device. Since the structure almost produces no friction, the chronograph pointer can be used as center second continuous operation, which will not cause mechanical wear. Other features of this movement include a 1/10 second switching cycle instantaneous date balance device and Gyromax developed by Patek Philippe. The balance with hairspring made Silinvar collocation high-tech siliceous material Spiromax patent. Silinvar adopts antimagnetic material with completely interference and corrosion resistance. The end bending hairspring achieves the planar concentric contraction and further optimizes the isochronism.

This highly accurate micro mechanical masterpiece has a very good travel time accuracy, to ensure that the daily error is no more than -3 to +2 seconds. From the back of the sapphire crystal cover, we can take in the finishing details at a glance in the fine internal movement, including the gold disc and automatic splint decorated with Geneva round grain pattern, after chamfering and polishing treatment on the edge of the hole processing and polishing gold inlaid carving, as well as delicate blue steel screws and bright red jewel.