A Rolex Submariner Reference 5512 That Almost Has It All

This is the sub type which will make Rolex enthusiasts get excited. First of all, it is rarer for reference 5512, the first Submariner to be a larger 40 mm crown guard – the former submarine has 38 mm case, such as James Bond’s “big crown”. Rolex Submariner Reference 5512 later an observatory certification, but such an earlier version did not bear on the dial certification; you can but find the reference number of ears and is expected to be the same, it is powered by a diameter of between 1560.

The party does not stop there, because it is equipped with a luxurious dial, please forgive Rolex geeks: it is smooth(and then scrub), gold(gold script), a song with a chapter ring; its tiny light point below the index in six is described as an exclamation point. Point. Away from the dial, the pointed crown guard and the correct “kiss four” insert(from the 40 mark in the number of intertwined) further emphasize the rarity of this example, and the complexity of the vintage Rolex Submariner.

The best mechanical watches for men is not absolutely perfect, however, the cell phone and the bracelet is part of the later, but frankly, it is surprising that the lovely carved case makes it as it is! Who does not want to marry a girl to give such a crazy good son, and once that moment, we will forever 12-17-64 lovers “?