6 New Wedding Dress Color

Whether the overall washed or bold use of color, sometimes, coast wedding dresses color only with a few shallow tones. For example, white, pink, light blue, light green…… Group second: delicate lace detail

Rosette not only for traditional dress in the wedding, color is used in the alternative wedding dresses, sweet, pretty, sugary love feeling.

Group Third: delicate ribbons

Hot stone fringe, lace and satin ribbon was given to this wedding color an elegant texture in the premise of not to dress too.

Fourth group: structural fold classic

Complex folds to give it color to a very modern edge, this design can cleverly conceal something not so perfect parts.

Fifth group: tight tailoring highlight the body

You insist on fitness? Choose wedding guest dresses color and cut to show your good figure!

Sixth groups: short sexy skirt

Short skirt, skirt, sexy design complex are above the knee, the design can make the wedding color design in many plus size wedding dresses with its unique style and particularly scintillating.

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