Outdoor essential tools: five types commonly used camping tents recommended

Triangle camping tent: before and after the use of herringbone iron tube for the bracket, the middle frame of a bar connection, hold up the account, can be installed on the account, which is the most common early tent style.

Dome-shaped camping tent (also known as the Mongolian package): the use of double-bar cross support, disassembly are relatively simple, is currently the most popular models. Wind, rain, low temperature, dust, and a variety of small insects. If someone asks why you want to use the best camping tents for outdoors, then these are the reasons.

Hexagon camping tent: three or four-pole cross-support, and some use of six-bar design, focusing on the stability of the tent, is the “mountain” tent common style.

Boat bottom camping tents: hold up like a buckle over the boat, but also divided into two, three different support, generally the middle of the bedroom, two for the shed, in the design focus on the wind line, is also common one of the tent styles.

Roof-shaped camping tent: the shape of an independent small tile-roofed house, the support is usually four corners of the four columns, the top frame of a ridge-like structure of the roof, this tent is generally tall, bulky, suitable for driving or relatively fixed field operations Camping use, it is known as car tents.

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