Subversion of the traditional black wedding dress

Black has been set thousands of pet in a classic trend of color, whether it is the a-line wedding dresses or other fashion items, a place that appears black, it is a classic everywhere. In recent years, black and even swept the wedding show, Vera Wang, Anna Maier, Truly Zac Posen and other big names have launched their own cool black wedding dresses, wedding you want on a cool in the end it?

Black has been a cover meat weapon, if you own body is not very satisfactory, try a black dress, not only cool but also instantly slimmer. The black dress, combined with lace and satin lace Anna Maier2015 spring show floor, so elegant sense to upgrade. Blingbling skirt body decoration, so that black dress does not seem boring, but dynamic.

Vera Wang’s this cool black and white wedding dress can be described as the perfect combination. Designers make advantage of these two colors have played the most. Black Slim significant effect, applied to the upper body corset girdle in color, so the bride’s waist more slender. The White peculiar sense of expansion, so the wedding skirt look more full.

Truly Zac Posen’s this black dress, design sense, cascading folds play a perfect closing body effect, a more prominent lumbar curve of the bride. Meanwhile, the fish balance due of crepe skirt, so that the whole wedding looks have light texture. Applications collar cool bride in pondering when, but also a small show shoulder,sexy feminine and instantly burst.

In addition to that section collar fishtail wedding dress, Truly Zac Posen also introduced this mainly black colored suspenders tea length wedding dress. Printed fabrics with a sense of light, so that skirt is very dignified, slightly old-fashioned sense of. But the designer also uses black cut design with a strong trend of breath, clever make up the fabric of old-fashioned.

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