How to Find Affordable Wedding Invitations

To help you find the most beautiful but affordable wedding invitations for your event, we’ve searched for some great options to fit any wedding budget. Worry not: Even if money’s tight, there are still some elegant ways to invite others to your party.

All the affordable invitation options below were selected for their high quality, great reviews, and affordability, ranging from completely free to about $240:

Option 1: Email Your Invitation

Cost: Free, baby!

It’s becoming more and more common to email invitations, saving not just on stationary but postage as well. Using a site like Paperless Post, you can actually send out your invitations completely free. Many of their invitations are actually quite beautiful, like this one, and out of all the options on this list, it’s the best priced of them all: 100% free.

Keep in mind that many of their designs are offered digitally and in print — so you could still send a printed invitation to your prim-and-proper grandparents while sending an email invitation to your more understanding friends, saving at least some money.

Option 2: The Elegant Dot

Cost: $17.97 for 50 invitations, plus ink

Many people overlook big-box stores for invitations, blindly bypassing them in favor of high-end stationery stores that “specialize” in wedding invitations. You can actually buy wedding invitations and print them at home though.

I love this invitation from Wal-Mart, and at only $17.97 for 50 of them, you can afford to mess up a few as you practice with your printer.

Option 3: Follow My Lead

Cost: $18.58 for 100 invitations, plus ink

These simple, bordered invitations are an extremely close match to the invitations I used for my own wedding — maybe even the exact ones. Don’t just take my word for it, though, as they have several five-star reviews on Amazon.

What I love most about these blank wedding invitations is that you can really dress them up. They start out simple and elegant, but then you can add a bow or a pinch of color somewhere else to really make them shine.

Option 4: Pressed Flowers

Cost: $44 for 100 invitations, plus ink

Wedding invitations that come with a sleeve elevate the whole package and give your guests a little something to untie and open after they’ve opened the envelope. This little extra step makes the invitation seem much more expensive than it actually is.

This set from Amazon comes highly rated by over 300 users. You have to print them yourself, but the real pressed flowers and great price make this one a winner.

Option 5: A More Casual Vibe

Cost: $60-$90 for 100 invitations

If you’re looking for a more casual vibe for your wedding — maybe something rustic, whimsical, or outdoorsy — you’ll love the gorgeous selection of invitations offered by VistaPrint that are only around $6-$9 for a pack of 10.

Option 6: Illustrated Watercolor

Cost: $168 for 100 invitations

For the artsy couple, go beyond the simple background and fonts and select something truly unique, like these cards featuring an original watercolor illustration of the Boston skyline (other options include Chicago and San Francisco).

Any type of illustrated invitation will set you back a bit more than your typical big-box store print-outs, but paying a little extra can give your event that personalized touch.

Option 7: Match Your Wedding Colors

Cost: $138 (with 20% discount) for 100 invitations

Not only does David’s Bridal offer affordable wedding dresses — they also have a line of invitations too. What I love best about this company is that you can search invitations by your wedding colors so everything coordinates. This is far better than sorting through invitation after invitation like you have to do on many other websites, because you can essentially filter out any colors you know you’re not going to like.

I also love that they are constantly running sales, so if the price on these invitations doesn’t match the one you see here, keep checking for 20%-off deals.

Option 8: Foil-Stamped

Cost: $229 for 100 invitations

If you have a little more wiggle room in your budget, you can upgrade your invitations while still purchasing affordable ones. While $229 might not seem affordable, keep in mind that engraved invitations from a boutique invitation store could set you back hundreds more. Adding a little extra glitz like foil helps set your invitations apart while still keeping them within your budget.


Option 9: Support Graphic Artists

Cost: $234 and up for 100 invitations

The website Minted is lovely because they offer wedding invitations designed by independent graphic artists around the world. They have some stunning designs — like this one… and this one… or this one.

Because they’re created by individual artists, they are the most expensive on this list — but still an affordable and original option for a wedding with an overall budget in the $10,000 range.