Short or Long Choose Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

I’ve been a companion to many brides who have agonized over the decision of long or short bridesmaid dresses for their wedding day. Before deciding on your bridesmaids outfits, you need to choose your personal white for your wedding dress. Your wedding dress should be color coordinated with your dominant color and the personal coloring of your bridesmaids. Today, I want to help you spell out the pros and cons of each style. Hopefully you’ll be a little closer to your decision than you were five minutes ago. Though today’s bridesmaids may be allowed to choose a style of dress that best suits their body type, a defined dress length is a statement of elegance for your wedding.

long wedding dresses

When deciding on your bridesmaids’ dresses and whether they should be long or short, you will have to consider the type of wedding you are having, time of day and the time of year. Choosing short dresses for your girls can add some fun and sassiness to your wedding day. Depending on the overall style of the dress you choose, a short bridesmaid dress can me more informal and fun. If you’re having a summer wedding, your bridesmaids will be incredibly thankful for your selection of a short dress.

short wedding dressesI know it sounds crazy to say chiffon is warm, but the fall weddings I wore my long bridesmaid dresses to were much warmer thanks to having a little leg coverage. Long bridesmaid dresses also add a touch of refinement and formality to your wedding day. They “dress up’ the event. One downside to a long dress is the price. They are usually expensive than a knee- or tea-length dress. If you choose a long bridesmaid dress, you will find the price almost higher than their similar short dress style. Directly after your bridesmaids purchase the dress, you must specify to all of them how many inches the dress should be shortened from the floor when the shoes are on. Call them directly, or send them an email with the specifics because this is often overlooked, resulting in the bridal party looking uneven.

Choosing outfits to suit you all can be tricky if there are a lot of bridesmaids or there is a large age range. Adults won want to be dressed the same as children, and the bride should bear in mind that the outfit(s) she picks need to flatter people of different ages (and sizes!). Alternatively, you can ask all your bridesmaids to wear the same style and fabric, but let them choose the color from the color palette and the length according to their heigh, which works best with your personal white, wedding theme, wedding season, wedding place and their body type.