Top Styles of Bridesmaid Dresses

Your bridesmaids are an integral part of your wedding. Just as they do in life, they stand next to you at the altar giving you all of their love and support on your special day. To properly thank your bridesmaids for all they have done for you, get them a gown that will have them feeling as elegant and beautiful as the very day you say “I do.” Choosing the most stunning bridesmaid dress styles is very important when planning your wedding.

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Traditionally, the bride will be in charge of choosing the bridesmaid dress styles, colors, and fit. Therefore, the bride needs to not only make sure that the dresses are beautiful and complimentary to the rest of the wedding, but she also needs to make sure that all of her bridesmaids feel exquisite in their dresses. Bridesmaid dresses should be chosen delicately and carefully to make sure you choose the perfect dress for your day.

While trying to keep your bridesmaid in mind, note that there are many top bridesmaid dress styles out there from which to choose. When perusing the vast array of styles keep in mind important aspects of the dress such as the hem length, the fit, and the straps. It is important to know that your bridesmaids are as unique as the days leading up to your big day. Their body types and skin tones are all different, and it is important to try to choose a dress that can compliment all of them.

As stated above, it is important to consider hem length of the bridesmaids dress. There are many popular styles out there, but today, the most popular styles are shorter length dresses. If your wedding is extremely formal, longer or floor length bridesmaid dresses are more commonly used. Today, the most common hem length for bridesmaid dresses is just below the knee, or what is referred to as “tea length”. A tea length dress is one of the most commonly used and adored dress styles and can be a great choice for all of your bridesmaid dresses no matter how tall they of wedding dresses

Tea length dresses are typically easy to hem to your desired length. The length of your dress can easily portray the formality of your wedding so be sure to pay attention and make sure the dress is not longer or shorter than you prefer. Tea length dresses are praised for being able to conform to any body type making all of your bridesmaids stunning.

It is also strongly suggested to consider the fit of a dress when shopping for your bridesmaids. Chances are that all of your bridesmaids will not be the exact same size. Therefore, you do not want to get a tight fitting or high wasted dress unless they are all around the same size and you know they will look great.

However, if you are like most and have bridesmaids with all different body types, you might want to opt for a looser fit with a lower waste. The popular tea length style comes in varying waist heights, which means that you can choose the style of dress that can simultaneously complement all of your individual bridesmaids. Many brides also decide to get their bridesmaids the same color dress in different style in attempts to not only complement their body types but also to bring out their individual personalities and styles while continuing the theme of your wedding.

When shopping for your bridesmaids dresses, you should also consider dress straps. There are many different types of straps that you can get for bridesmaid dresses from halter to spaghetti to strapless and everything in between. Again, keep in mind that you want to consider each of your bridesmaids and their body types. Girls with very small or very large chests may not feel comfortable in a strapless gown if it means they are going to be constantly adjusting their dress during the ceremony.

All in all, the bridesmaid dress styles should directly complement your bridesmaids and your style all in one. As your bridesmaids accompany you on one of the most memorable days of your life, you will want them to feel as glorious and enchanting as you do. If you are trying to tie every aspect of your wedding together you can also have your bridesmaid dresses directly reflect your wedding gown. For instance, if you have chosen an empire waist bridal gown, your bridesmaids can also be wearing an empire waist gown, if it complements them as well. The main difference between the bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses will usually be the lengths of your dresses. The bride will usually have a floor length gown whereas the bridesmaids have endless options of gown lengths. However, it is possible to also make sure that your bridesmaid dresses are done in the exact same style as yours, if that is something you would prefer.

When shopping for bridesmaid dresses, try to think about the traditional idea of bridesmaids. As they are waiting, and supporting you, make sure that they have dresses that are fitting of that role that they are playing. Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses will ensure that your entire wedding party looks beautiful.